Bianca Allan – joined 2013

“I have recently got a job on a graduate scheme in Advertising which I am over the moon about. Over the two years I feel my confidence and speaking has come on tremendously, and this is predominantly down to the support and encouragement of Stockport Ladies Speakers Club. In each interview I have had, my feedback has supported this and most companies seem very interested about the association. I will certainly spread the word and try to encourage any graduate to join!”

Hannah Lennon – joined 2015

On my first visit in September 2015, I walked away thinking ‘what an inspirational group of women’ who have a lot of fun! Immediately I was put at ease by our warm and friendly ladies club and these days I talk to anyone who will listen about the great camaraderie and benefits of joining a speakers club. This month, I am heading to Lyon for my dream job at the cancer agency of the World Health Organisation. Undoubtably, I would not have felt the confidence to apply if I wouldn’t been brave enough to step into my first club night at the Deanwater Hotel. Stockport Ladies is full of gems with priceless and kind encouragement. Come along and see for yourself 


Amanda Hope – joined 2012

“I joined Stockport Ladies Speakers Club as I was looking for a way to increase my confidence when giving talks and workshops as part of my business. I was very apprehensive at the start, and I cannot thank the group enough for the friendly, supportive environment that they provide. With some outstanding speakers in the group I was both inspired and motivated to improve – which I certainly have. I have felt proud to represent the club at a couple of speech competitions – something I could never have imagined before. I feel that I have gained far more from being part of the club, than I would have attending a course…and have met some lovely ladies as part of the process.”

Gaynor D Head Shot

Gaynor Dennett – joined 2011

“ I came to the club 3 years ago because I wanted to be able to speak confidently to groups of ladies about my business. My first speech was nerve racking but now I am able to do exactly what I set out to do and last March I spoke confidently to a group of over 100 ladies which I think is quite an achievement! It has been a privilege to be part of this wonderful club and it is fantastic to see new members join and flourish into confident speakers just as I have done.”


Gay Rhodes – joined 1985

“I was a founder member of the club – pushed (reluctantly) into it by a husband who had recently joined the male-only Stockport Speakers Club. That was 30 years ago. Little did I realise then how pivotal it was to be in my life. It has brought me lifelong friendships and a lively social life. It gave me wide experience in organisational skills in a number of club and area offices. After retiring as a senior PA I started to be invited to speak to outside organisations and am now on the speaking circuit travelling throughout the country. I have also run courses in companies and adult education centres to train people in improving their speaking skills, as well as one-to-one training for people making a special speech or presentation. Above all the club has helped me to develop a talent I never knew I had – entertaining an audience and making them laugh!”


Bev Sutherland – joined 2011

” I can honestly say that since joining the club my professional and personal life has changed considerable – my confidence has improved beyond my expectations. I spent years not being able to communicate properly because of “the fear” of public speaking, simply introducing myself in meetings was a complete nightmare. I tried “remedies” to overcome this fear, even hypnotherapy sessions – I tried three different therapists before I realised it was not going to work for me. I tried all sorts of over the counter tablets & potions too which did not work either! I stumbled across Stockport Ladies Speakers Club and this was really my last hope. From the very first meeting, I pretty much knew that this was going to work for me. Everyone at the club knew how I was feeling and the encouragement and guidance they gave (and still do) was brilliant. My confidence has grown so much and I have gone on to win in the Club’s Speech Competition and to represent the Club at District level which is something I never would have envisaged

happening. Another bonus, which I didn’t expect, was that I have met some truly amazing people and made some lifelong friends. There is a fabulous social side to Stockport Ladies which is something not to be missed!”


Sue Heaven – joined 2015

As a fundraiser for a local charity it is part of my job to speak to the public – you only get one chance to “ask” and to make the right impression. It was by chance I attended a ladies business meeting in October and heard Susan Allan speak eloquently and enthusiastically about Stockport Ladies Speakers Club. As I had a presentation to deliver to 350 guests at the forthcoming North East Cheshire Business Awards I joined the Club straight away. There were only two meetings before the big day but I certainly learnt a lot in that short space of time from watching others deliver their speeches and by having a go myself in the topics session. My presentation on the day was described as “impassioned” and as I spoke, the room grew quiet until you could hear a pin drop. They listened to me! I had six minutes to get the message across and I certainly did. We raised over £4000 that night for the people in our care and the benefits don’t stop there as we are being asked to be the “Charity of Choice” by some of the businesses who attended that evening. First impressions definitely DO count and I would recommend the Club to anyone who needs to improve their speaking skills!


Debbie Busby – joined 2015

Many years after first thinking about joining Stockport Ladies Speakers Club I finally took the plunge and went to my first meeting a year ago. Having achieved success in my chosen profession, I now needed to speak to a variety of different groups on a number of subjects, and I needed to get my points across convincingly and professionally. My first impression when I walked into the room at my first meeting was how warm and friendly everybody was, and very quickly I knew I was going to feel comfortable in this group. We hold meetings every other week where we practice skills including making prepared speeches, impromptu speaking, and chairing sessions. Individual progress is made via a national structure of different types of speech which all cover a particular aspect of public speaking, and you can work your way through this training package at your own pace, whilst at the same time enjoying the company of a fantastic group of supportive and

hugely interesting women at each meeting. As a behaviourist I know that making progress at your own (slightly stretched) pace and receiving positive feedback is the most effective way to develop! Already my public speaking confidence has grown and I am much more comfortable speaking to small and large groups, I can now pay attention to the quality of my presentations rather than just focusing on even being able to get up and speak! It has already opened several doors to invitations to speak at seminars and conferences, and I’m so pleased that I joined Stockport Ladies, better late than never!

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